Autumn Edition.

Part of the Stealing Kisses. Series.
a series of short stories and drabbles, all pertaining to Changwook.

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Autumn Edition. Neighbors AU. Slice of Life.

Changmin rests his arms against the balcony railing, inhaling the toxic fumes provided by his cigarette. He shivers at the cold gust of wind that suddenly passes through, his thin long sleeve shirt not enough to protect him.

He sighs heavily, dreading the fact that autumn is going to be cold this year. Although, it doesn’t really matter for him – he rarely leaves his apartment complex unless his friends drag him out of it.

Changmin leans further against the railing, gazing lazily at the dull landscape of dead leaves until he spots his neighbor, diligently raking leaves into a neat pile. His lips twitch, before curling into an amused smirk.

“What are you doing, cutie?” Changmin mumbles under his breath, chuckling as he watches his cute neighbor.

He doesn’t really understand himself, but he likes his neighbor, Kim Ryeowook. Even though, they are complete opposites: Ryeowook is a notorious health fanatic and a clean freak, obsessed in eating natural, organic meals and maintaining a spotless apartment. While Changmin couldn’t careless if he ate instant ramen for the next three days, or about the dirty pile of clothes, accumulating on his bedroom floor. Their differences didn’t stop Changmin from liking Ryeowook though.
Changmin takes a slow drag from his cigarette, wondering if Ryeowook could hear him from the third floor. It was worth a try though.

“Hey!” Changmin immediately chuckles when Ryeowook flinches, dropping the rake in his hand. “Ryeowook-sshi!”

Ryeowook looks up skeptically, before a smile spreads across his face; a genuine smile that could rival the sun in brightness. He bounces around, waving frantically at Changmin and Changmin can’t resist but wave back, although a lot more casually.

“Working hard?”

Ryeowook tugs his scarf lower to his chin, cheeks clearly flushed from being out in the cold for too long. “Yeah. What are you doing?”

Changmin smirks, holding up his cigarette. “Smoking.”

He doesn’t need to look closely to know Ryeowook is frowning, just like he always does whenever Changmin admits he smokes. What usually follows is a long lecture from Ryeowook about how bad smoking is for his health, and isn’t a ‘proper’ way to relieve stress. (Changmin always promises to cut back afterwards.)

But Changmin knows Ryeowook is not about scream all that. So instead, he watches as Ryeowook huffs – rather adorably for someone who is older than him. (It doesn’t help that Ryeowook has a baby-face too.)

Ryeowook suddenly shivers again at another cold gust of wind, scattering the leaves and ruining his tidy pile.

Changmin purses his lips, snubbing out his cigarette on the ashtray beside him. “Hey, Ryeowook-sshi!”

“What?” Ryeowook shouts back, pulling his jacket tighter around his slender frame.

“Would like you to come over for a cup of hot chocolate?”

Ryeowook hesitates, clearly distraught over something. “Are you sure? Isn’t the deadline for your book due soon?”

“Finished it this morning,” Changmin lazily waves away his concern. “Now are you coming or what?”

Ryeowook smiles his answer, racing excitedly towards the apartment building entrance. Changmin doesn’t like autumn, but he figures it might not be so bad if Ryeowook is here to keep him company.


Blinded by Love.

Part of the Stealing Kisses. Series.
a series of short stories and drabbles, all pertaining to Changwook.

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Blinded by Love. Blind AU.
*Ryeowook is blind.

“Changmin,” Ryeowook murmurs softly, thin fingers sliding across soft cotton bed sheets, before finding a forearm. His fingers skim up his boyfriend’s muscular arm, reaching up to play with his curly hair. He receives a sleepy hum in reply, his boyfriend shifting closer towards where Ryeowook is sitting on the bed.

Ryeowook smiles to himself, trying to imagine how cute Changmin must look. He can imagine his boyfriend all snuggled up in various blankets, curly hair in complete disarray from his afternoon nap and-

Suddenly Ryeowook frowns, because he can’t imagine Changmin’s face. At all. Even though they’ve been together for two years [and living together for about six months].

Ryeowook listens to the soft snores of his lover, before carefully moving his hand towards Changmin’s cheek. He brushes his knuckles against Changmin’s high cheekbone, following the gentle slope to his jawline, where he traces the defined jaw with his fingers. In his mind, Changmin’s face is still vague, but the picture is slowly becoming clearer.

His fingers glide across Changmin’s face to trace his sharp, straight nose. Ryeowook furrows his eyebrows, trying his best to memorize it all. He hesitates touching Changmin’s eyelids, his fingers hovering close enough to feel his boyfriend’s long lashes. However, Ryeowook decides not to disturb him –he’ll never hear the end of it, if he does. So, he retraces his boyfriend’s nose and cheeks, making his way down to his boyfriend’s lips.

He traces the outline of Changmin’s lips, before his fingers are suddenly bitten.

Ryeowook yelps at the bite, startled by the boisterous laugh that immediately follows after. He slaps Changmin’s chest for scaring him, laughing at him, and biting him.

“Why are you molesting me in my sleep, Ryeowookie?” Changmin manages to ask between chuckles, pulling Ryeowook to lie down with him. To his surprise, Ryeowook complies rather easily, even moving closer to cuddle.

“Molesting? Who would molest you?” Ryeowook snorts at the accusation.

“Apparently, you do.”

“You wish I was.”

“Then what were you doing to me?”

“I was trying to imagine what you look like,” Ryeowook admits, letting Changmin rest his head on his thin shoulder. His fingers immediately find their way to Changmin’s hair, playing with a stray lock.

Changmin hums in response, burrowing his face into Ryeowook’s neck.  “Did you imagine how handsome I am?”

And this time Ryeowook burst out laughing with a sarcastic, “I can imagine something alright.”

Mid-Afternoon Make-Outs.

Part of the Stealing Kisses. Series.
a series of short stories and drabbles, all pertaining to Changwook.

[Don't do that.]
Mid-Afternoon Make-Outs. High School AU. (Sequel to Saturday Mornings.)

Changmin stares at Ryeowook’s lips instead of his homework. Ryeowook has been chewing on his pencil for the past ten minutes and as stupid as it sounds, Changmin is a little envious of the mechanical pencil simply because it’s touching the lips he’s been dreaming about since middle school.

Changmin gulps uneasily, coincidently remembering that Ryeowook’s parents aren’t home – and won’t be home for the next few hours. A lot could happen in those few hours.

He stiffens immediately when Ryeowook’s eyes flickers up from his paper, boring directly into his gaze.

“Changmin,” Ryeowook calls and Changmin’s heart skips a beat. “I don’t want to study anymore! Can we do something else besides studying? Let’s take a break and watch a movie or something.”

Changmin snorts at Ryeowook’s whining; hoping it was enough to mask his sudden nervousness. “What do you want to do then?”

“I don’t know,” Ryeowook huffs, slumping further into the sofa.

You don’t know?” 

“I don’t know!” Ryeowook admits a little angrily, “Why don’t you think of something to do, genius?”

Changmin stares at Ryeowook, amused by the way his best friend pouts; his bottom lip jutting out, cheeks puffed out and eyes narrowed at nothing in particular. He is cute, too cute, and Changmin feels his self-control slipping.

He unconsciously leans closer, getting lost in admiring his friend’s cuteness.

“Don’t do that.” He mumbles his warning, his voice incredibly low.

Ryeowook snaps his head in Changmin’s direction, wide brown eyes staring at him in surprise. He hadn’t known they were sitting so close and the way Changmin stares at him makes him lose all his previous thoughts.  “H-Huh?”

“I have an idea,” Changmin mutters, and Ryeowook can almost feel Changmin’s warm breath splay across his face.

“Y-you do?” Ryeowook whispers, heart pounding nervously in his chest. Changmin nods slowly, his eyes fixated on plush, pink lips. “What is-?”

Changmin closes the distance, unable to resist any longer. He presses his lips against Ryeowook’s, momentarily surprised by the softness. It takes a second or two for Changmin to realize his horrible mistake. He just kissed his best friend and the horror of it all immediately sets in.

Changmin moves to break the kiss but he’s surprised when Ryeowook shyly, hesitantly responds back. The kiss is a little awkward but incredibly, innocently sweet but Changmin still wants more. So he licks the seam of Ryeowook’s lip, and Ryeowook gasps before Changmin pulls him closer to deepen the kiss. His tongue cautiously moving against Ryeowook’s, overwhelmed by just how sweet Ryeowook tastes.

Ryeowook wraps his arms around Changmin’s neck, letting out a low moan that turns the innocent kiss into a heated one. Changmin pulls away slightly, only to suck on his bottom lip, while Ryeowook struggles to catch his breath. He shifts his attention to kissing Ryeowook’s defined jawline, moving towards Ryeowook’s ear, where he nibbles at his earlobe.
Ryeowook pants at how good it feels, unable to process anything at this point. He doesn’t even know how he’s suddenly sitting on Changmin’s lap, but he doesn’t care. He licks his lips before Changmin kisses him again, the innocence lost and replaced with pure instinct – teeth clashing, tongues moving roughly against another, and wet moans swallowed by the other.
Ryeowook’s fingers dig through Changmin’s hair, tugging harshly at strands while Changmin moves to attacking his neck; biting, licking, and sucking his way down to his collarbone.

Changmin’s hands roam across his friend’s lithe body, pulling at Ryeowook’s uniform shirt to untuck it. He slides his hand underneath the obstructing material, warms palms exploring the sharp contours of Ryeowook’s body. His touches leave a burning sensation, as his fingers teasingly trail across Ryeowook’s stomach. Ryeowook groans, finding it harder to focus on unbuttoning the first few buttons of Changmin’s shirt. He pushes the collar away, marking more of Changmin’s flawless neck with sloppy kisses and bites.

Changmin moans, redirecting Ryeowook’s lips back to his own. Ryeowook moves passionately, ravishing Changmin’s mouth with newfound confidence. He scoots higher onto Changmin’s lap, the need to be closer growing stronger and stronger. He shifts to the right, knocking his knee into something-


Ryeowook jumps off Changmin’s lap with a squeal, nearly falling to the floor. His head hits the armrest, groaning quietly at the pain.  While, Changmin blinks, feeling a little disoriented until he notices the television is turned on, on the highest volume, with an overly dramatic drama being aired.

It takes Changmin less then a minute to find the remote, which is by his side, before lowering the volume and shutting off the TV, leaving behind an awkward silence.

Ryeowook sits up, trying to soothe out the creases in his uniform shirt. He bites his bottom lip, suddenly feeling too shy in front of his best friend, even though they were kissing just a few seconds prior.

“So…” Changmin mutters, trying to act relaxed despite the pounding of his heart. He glances at Ryeowook, finding his best friend to be looking at him as well. “…Want to make-out again?”

I'm All Yours.

Part of the Stealing Kisses. Series.
a series of short stories and drabbles, all pertaining to Changwook.

[We don't have to...]
I’m All Yours. Historic AU.

Warning; mentions of Prostitution.

Ryeowook shifts nervously, shyly gazing down at the smooth, flawless skin of his lover’s chest. He feels nervous, and incredibly vulnerable, and he doesn’t understand why. He’s done this before, countless times with clients, but this feels completely different.

He’s embarrassed, although it’s really too late to be; he’s already straddling his lover’s waist, both of them stark naked. His lover is leaning against the headboard, warm hands soothingly running up and down his thighs.

“We don’t have to…” Changmin murmurs softly, “We don’t have to do anything at all.”

Ryeowook suddenly felt like crying, because he knows how much Changmin wants to do this and he wants to give it to him. To him, Changmin is amazing, completely and utterly amazing, because who could ever love a dirty prostitute like him? Changmin does, ever since they first met in the marketplace and even after when he found out where Ryeowook works to support his broken family.

Changmin sees the watery eyes, and he immediately cups Ryeowook’s face, focusing his gaze back to him. “Don’t cry, love. We can wait until you’re ready, you don’t have to force yourself.”

“But-” Ryeowook whimpers, feeling pathetic, but Changmin simply hushes him with a gentle kiss. He pulls away with a soft smile; gazing at him so affectionately it steals Ryeowook’s breath away.

“I’ll wait until you’re ready, however long it takes.” He brings Ryeowook’s hand to his mouth, kissing each of Ryeowook’s knuckles, before placing his lover’s hand on his bare chest. “For now, you can just touch me.”

“T-touch?” Ryeowook blushes, feeling his lover’s steady heartbeat beneath his fingertips.

“My body is all yours, Ryeowook. You can do whatever you want with it,” Changmin admits, staring directly into warm, brown eyes. “Lick, bite, suck; anything you want…anything.” He adds, his voice turning deeper with each word and Ryeowook shivers at the husky tone.

Ryeowook nods slowly, determined to do at least this much because he’s too afraid to go further. Changmin stills completely like a statue, closing his eyes as he surrenders himself to Ryeowook’s touch.

Ryeowook starts by tracing the contours of Changmin’s muscles, caressing defined abs before moving back up his lover’s broad chest. He feels, rather briefly, Changmin’s heart beating faster and he smiles at the effect he has on him.

His hands reach for Changmin’s face, touching his eyelids, his nose, before sliding toward to plump lips, where his index finger traces it over and over again. He admires Changmin’s lip, remembering each and every kiss they have shared so far. He’s shocked out of his reverie when Changmin bites his finger, chuckling when Ryeowook pulls away.

“You jerk,” Ryeowook playfully smacks the side of his lover’s face, before leaning in for a kiss. They take their time tasting each other, tongues sliding playfully against another, before they separate from lack of air.

Ryeowook brushes his lips against Changmin’s jawline, pressing kisses down his neck until his finds a particular spot to bite, immediately rewarded with a low moan. He sucks on that spot until it leaves a purplish wound, lightly licking it to soothe away any irritation.

He licks his lips, before brushing them across Changmin’s collarbone. Changmin shivers at the cool feeling left behind from the long lick Ryeowook makes back to his neck.

Ryeowook trails wet kisses down his lover’s chest, moving down a bit to stop the kisses right at Changmin’s navel.

“You tease,” Changmin mutters, a little breathless from all the panting.

Ryeowook smiles at him, before brushing his lips against every contour, every line of his lover’s muscles, starting from the waist and up. His fingers gently stroke every faint scar, silently appreciating the fact that Changmin is still living, breathing, and that means he is too –because he only feels alive if Changmin is.

His hands move to caress his lover’s muscular arms, sliding up to grab Changmin’s face for another deep, sensual kiss. Changmin’s hands slowly glide up from Ryeowook’s thighs to start exploring the petite body in front of him.

They spend the next two hours touching each other, taking their time to get familiar with every inch of skin of their lover. Although, their desires are obvious and prominent, they never act on it.

Instead, Changmin lies down with Ryeowook cuddling against his chest, doodling random words with his index finger. The candles are blown out, and the room is illuminated by the faint glow of the moonlight. Changmin pulls the white bed sheets over them, more so over Ryeowook than himself, before snuggling up to his lover.

“I love you,” Ryeowook mutters quietly.

“I love you too.” Changmin leans in for a quick good night kiss. They spend another few minutes whispering promises, dreams and sweet nothings, knowing that their time is very limited. Ryeowook will have to go back soon but for now, they pretend that he doesn’t.

Changmin passes out halfway through a story and Ryeowook stops talking immediately when he hears the soft snores. He smiles sleepily, his eyelids feeling heavy the longer he stares at Changmin’s face.

He wishes nights like these, with Changmin, will never end.

Kiss Me Properly.

Part of the Stealing Kisses. Series.
a series of short stories and drabbles, all pertaining to Changwook.

[Shim Ryeowook and Kim Changmin.]
Kiss Me Properly. Domestic AU.

Wait for someone who bumps mouths clumsily with yours cause they’re too busy smiling to kiss you properly. Yeah. Wait for that. ― Azra Tabassum

“Yah!” Ryeowook giggles, smacking Changmin’s shoulder.

Changmin keeps chuckling against his fiancé’s lip, struggling to calm down from the sudden burst of giggles. He laughs harder when Ryeowook continues to playfully slap his shoulder, cursing Changmin for being such a tease.

“Yah, Changminnie! Kiss me properly!” Ryeowook pouts for only a second, before a silly grin spreads across his face despite his whining. He stares at his taller, muscular lover adoringly, appreciating the way his eyes crinkle when he laughs genuinely and the healthy flush on his cheekbones. He bites his lips, fighting off the urge to kiss Changmin senseless because he still wants to watch his fiancé chuckle.

He still wants a kiss and he is going to make sure he was going to get one.

“What’s so funny, huh?” His arms are wrapped around Changmin’s neck, pulling him closer.

Changmin manages to stop cackling long enough to press a quick kiss. He rolls his eyes when Ryeowook whines again –“Why was that so quick? Kiss me again!”– and ‘begrudgingly’ complies with a longer kiss; soft, gentle and perfectly delicate. His lips curl into a sinfully cocky grin when Ryeowook lets out a low, appreciative moan.

He slowly pulls away, his lips lightly brushing against Ryeowook’s as he stares into half-hooded eyes, peering up at him so innocently.

“I love you, Shim Ryeowook.” Changmin mumbles under his breath, smiling when Ryeowook chuckles softly.

“And I love you too, Kim Changmin.”

Saturday Mornings.

Part of the Stealing Kisses. Series.
a series of short stories and drabbles, all pertaining to Changwook.

[What was that for?]
Saturday Mornings. Middle School AU. (Sequel to Sleep Talking.)

Changmin’s eyes flutter open, only to immediately squint at onslaught of sunlight overloading his vision. He groans into his pillow, this time slowly opening his eyes to adjust to the light. It takes him a minute or two to realize he was in his best friend’s bedroom – though it should’ve been obvious by the giraffe print blanket.

He glances at his side, his breath hitching when he sees Ryeowook’s face so incredibly close to his own. Ryeowook’s nose pokes his cheek as Changmin shifts around gently to face him. It’s wrong. He knows it’s wrong, but he likes his best friend a lot – more than he should for a teenage boy.

But Ryeowook is adorable, irresistible - especially in his sleep. Although, at the moment he looks a little haggard with faint dark circles around his eyes; Changmin already knows it’s probably from the insomnia. Still, Ryeowook looks cute, clinging onto him in his sleep, with arms wrapped securely around Changmin’s chest. Imagine waking up to this everyday. It would be wonderful.

Changmin bites his bottom lip; the urge to kiss Ryeowook has never been stronger. He stares at him, before he knows just the right thing to do.

He tickles him.

In a matter of seconds, Ryeowook is awake and squealing out insults to “stop this instant or I’ll- hahahaha! Yah Changminnie-HAH!” Ryeowook squirms under Changmin’s touch, desperately trying to get away by tangling himself further into his blanket.

He hates how much stronger and taller Changmin is, easily trapping him. He also hates how Changmin knows all his ticklish spots.

Changmin only relents when Ryeowook is breathless; panting heavily with red, flushed cheeks and bright doe-eyes watching him warily.

“Good Morning,” Changmin smiles cheekily, chuckling at Ryeowook’s distrusting glare.

“What was that for?” Ryeowook huffs, still trying to recover from the unexpected tickle fight.

“Because I needed someone to cook me breakfast.”

Sugar, Sugar Honey Honey.

Part of the Stealing Kisses. Series.
a series of short stories and drabbles, all pertaining to Changwook.

Sugar, Sugar Honey Honey. Domestic AU.

Ryeowook wondered how it all happened so quickly; how frosting cupcakes turned into being trapped against the counter, his fiancé’s body pressed against his in a loose back hug as he whispers sweet nothings into his ears.

But, Ryeowook knows what’s truly going on; he’s known about this sly tactic for years. He immediately slaps his fiancé’s wandering hands from successfully snatching a honey buttercream cupcake.

“These are not for you.” Ryeowook states, his gaze fixated on applying the frosting just right.

Changmin bites the inside of his cheek, not quite ready to give up. He wants a cupcake; the tantalizing aroma has been wafting through the apartment since the morning and he just couldn’t take it any longer.

So he decides to change tactics, snaking his arms around Ryeowook’s thin waist.

“Ryeowookie,” He whines directly into Ryeowook’s ear, his nose grazing the soft ear lobe. He fights of a smirk when he notices Ryeowook’s ear turning red despite how indifferent his fiancé was acting.


Ryeowook tries to shake him off, paying an overt amount of attention to a single cupcake.


Ryeowook blushes at the silly nickname, “S-stop it. I’m busy. Go away!”

Changmin tightens his grip, fingers slowly moving in a small circular motion. Ryeowook relaxes further into his arms, his slender body practically melting against his. He’s practically putty in his hands – and he’s just glad Ryeowook isn’t quite aware of that yet.

“Can I have a cupcake?”


“Please,” He begs softly.



Ryeowook sighs tiredly, the hours of baking finally catching up to him. “Min, can you please just go away? I have to finish frosting before the cupcakes get cold.”

Changmin glances at the messy counter, sugar scattered on the marble along with various other baking ingredients and utensils. “I’ll leave you alone, if you feed me.”

Ryeowook glances over his shoulder, studying his fiancé’s sincere profile before nodding slowly. “Okay.”

And Changmin nearly shouts in excitement at being able to taste Ryeowook’s delicious, homemade cupcakes. He turns his slender lover around to properly face him, peppering Ryeowook’s face with kisses.

“But only one cupcake, the rest are for the hyungs!” Ryeowook hastily corrects in between giggles, grabbing the nearest cupcake. He starts peeling off the paper wrapper, doing his best to ignore Changmin’s smug smile or else he’ll have the urge to shove this down his throat.

Changmin immediately opens his mouth as Ryeowook presents the cupcake. He takes a large bite – nearly half of the cupcake – and immediately melts at the sweet flavor. He lets out an appreciative moan before opening his mouth for the second bite.

Ryeowook rolls his eyes, quite used to the exaggeration by his food-loving fiancé.

The second bite is smaller, Changmin is careful to avoid biting Ryeowook’s finger off because that means the rest of the cupcake is definitely getting shoved down his throat. He chews on it thoughtfully, a teasing plan forming as he fights off the feral grin spreading across his face. Thankfully Ryeowook doesn’t notice; too busy humming to think much of it.

Changmin parts his lips, licking them really slowly – and that’s how he knows he has Ryeowook’s full attention because the humming stops.

Ryeowook stares blatantly at the moist pink lips of his lover, a shiver running down his spine when Changmin’s soft lips touch his fingers. Carefully, Changmin manages to finish the remaining bits of the snack, his tongue darting out to lick the pads of Ryeowook’s fingers. Just before he pulls away, he makes sure to lightly nip at his lover’s index finger, smiling at the way Ryeowook gasps.

Changmin leans away, smirking wickedly at the red flush of Ryeowook’s cheeks and the flustered stare.

“That’s for ignoring me this morning.” Changmin winks, before walking out of the kitchen completely satisfied, leaving a confused and sexually-frustrated fiancé behind.

Staring Contest.

Part of the Stealing Kisses. Series.
a series of short stories and drabbles, all pertaining to Changwook.

[You're hallucinating.]
Staring Contest. AU.

The soft pitter patter of rain tapped rhythmically against the glass window. It’s cold and rainy outside, but underneath the bed comforter, it’s incredibly warm. They are tangled together in a mess of limbs and bed sheets, foreheads gently pressed together as their eyes remained locked on each other’s in a mental battle of pure will.

Changmin chuckled at how silly this game was, his eyes nearly shutting close because of his wide, cheeky grin. Ryeowook almost thought he won, because it was close. So close. However, Changmin immediately realized his mistake; his smile dimming to a smaller, softer one.

“You’re not winning that easily.”

Ryeowook simply smirked at him, “Just don’t cry when you lose.”

Changmin lost his focus for a second, finding it harder and harder to resist. His eyes were getting kind of watery, and at this point, it was starting to turn into torture. Who even suggested on playing on this game again?

Ha! You blinked!” Ryeowook shouted, laughing in his fiancé’s face.

“No I didn’t!” Changmin childishly denied though he knew very well he did.

“You did! I saw it!”

“I didn’t.”

“You did!”

“I didn’t.”

“You did!”

“You’re hallucinating.”

Ryeowook laughed harder, lightly slapping Changmin’s chest. “Say whatever you want but I won.”

Sleep Talking.

Part of the Stealing Kisses. Series.
a series of short stories and drabbles, all pertaining to Changwook.

[Can it be me?]
Sleep talking. Middle School AU.

Ryeowook listens to the gentle pitter-patter of rain hitting against the window. It’s past midnight, but despite that, he can’t sleep at all. It isn’t insomnia this time. It’s because of his best friend, whom he has to share his bed with. The very same best friend he’s been inappropriately crushing on for two years, sleeping peacefully only a few centimeters away from him. His frantic heartbeats leave him restless, especially since they are facing each other.

Ryeowook takes this as a rare opportunity to stare at Changmin, noticing how vulnerable his typically snarky friend looks under the soft glow of the moonlight peaking through his curtains. He looks handsome, angelic and Ryeowook resists the urge to caress his face.

His eyes do the tracing instead, gazing at Changmin’s smooth eyelids and delicate long lashes. Are you dreaming of me? Please dream of me. Ryeowook secretly hopes, because his dreams are always about Changmin. Will you ever dream of me?

His eyes follow the length of his straight nose, before settling on plump, slightly parted lips. Ryeowook chews his bottom lip, resisting the second urge to kiss his defenseless friend. Caught up in those thoughts, he doesn’t even realize until it’s too late that his pointer finger is tracing the soft pair of lips. He wonders briefly, a little enviously, who would get the honor of receiving Changmin’s first kiss. Can it be me?

Ryeowook gasps at the feel of Changmin’s tongue licking his finger accidently as Changmin sleepily licked his lips. Ryeowook pulls his finger away as if he was burned, because the touch kind of did. His face heats up and he’s glad for the darkness, so Changmin can’t see if he’s blushing. He doesn’t even know how to explain himself. Rather nervously, he glances up to check on his friend, astounded (and completely relieved) that he is still sleeping. 

Changmin shifts closer to him unconsciously, his lips even more inviting at the shortened distance. Ryeowook blushes again, looking at the ceiling while silently praying for more self-control because it’s slipping.


Ryeowook’s eye widen as he glances back at his best friend, who is still asleep. He waits by bated breaths, wondering if he is dreaming all this or he is just losing his sanity from sleepless nights.

Then Changmin speaks again, ten minutes later. “…Ryeowook…”

Ryeowook’s heart beats faster, noisily in his chest while butterflies invade his stomach but he doesn’t care -not when Changmin says his name in his sleep.


Part of the Stealing Kisses. Series.
a series of short stories and drabbles, all pertaining to Changwook.

[No, I just need you.]

Ryeowook hummed softly, playing with the strands of his boyfriend’s hair. He brushed the bangs aside, tucking it back behind Changmin’s ear before combing his fingers through the curly, brown locks.

Changmin let out a pained groan, nestling his head further into the crook of Ryeowook’s neck. He slumped further into the sofa, holding back another groan as he held his stomach.

Ryeowook giggled at the feeling of Changmin’s warm breath caressing his neck.

“Aw, what did you eat today?” He cooed.

“The question should be what didn’t I eat, because I feel like I ate everything.”

“I told you to eat slower.” Ryeowook murmured, twirling a curly lock wrapped around his finger. Changmin pushed away slightly to glare accusingly at his boyfriend, frowning at the lack of sympathy.

Ryeowook laughed at his childishness, pulling him back to cuddle closer. He pressed gentle kiss on his forehead, wrapping his arms around the sick man. “Do you want me to buy you some medicine?”

Changmin shook his head, snuggling closer to the man he absolutely adored.

“No, I just need you.”