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The Garden of Sin

[Don't you dare read this Yunni. Don't do it!]

He feels it. The gentle caress of smooth fingers tracing up his arm. The touch is oddly cold, a chilling sensation left behind that raises goosebumps on his warm skin. He feels lips brushing against his cheek, but the words being whispered. He can't understand it. Why can't I understand it?

He shifts drowsily, a groan escaping parched lips. The fingers stops its exploration immediately, and he can no longer hear that soothing voice whispering secrets into his ears. He opens his eyes but his vision is blurry, too blurry, that all he sees is green, various shades of green and white. A person. He squints to focus better but he can only see pale lips moving.

"What are you saying?" He whispers groggily, disoriented.


He opens his mouth, but his words are stuck at his throat as drowsiness muddles his mind. His eye lids feel heavier, and it is getter harder to stay awake. I don't want to sleep.


He feels his conscious slipping despite the questions buzzing in his head. The color green muddling into black and shapes merging together into blobs.

"Sleep, Changmin."

How do you know my name?

"Just sleep, my love."

His eyes flutter open as he jolts awake to sit up, letting out a strangled gasp. His hands tremble as he grasps the backrest of the bench, shaky fingers digging into the old wood to find some sort of stability. A layer of cold sweat clings to his body but Changmin doesn't care. Not when he can still feel those lingering caress of those cold hands. Those cold, cold hands.

A chilly breeze messes with the tresses of Changmin's dark hair and a quick shiver rolls down his spine. He listens to gentle rustling of leaves, his eyes drawn to sky when he notices the bright orange hues of the sun setting on the horizon. He relaxes his tight grip on the bench, mentally sighing when he realizes he fell asleep in the garden. If I just took a nap, why do I feel so exhausted?

Changmin ruffles his hair in frustration, blaming the uncomfortable bench for the restless nap and the horrible dream.

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