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In Disguise

Changmin's lips curled in disgusted scowl, trying to wonder how he even got in this situation because it didn't make any sense. "Yah! Why are we going to Host Club?"

His little sister, Minji, smirked as they approached the building. A smirk that turned into an amused grin when glimpsed at her older brother in a dress and wig. "Because it's my bacherolette's party and what I say goes."

Changing didn't bother to hide his obvious discomfort, glaring at his sister for throwing a bacherolette's party in Japan and cursing his overprotective parents for wanting him to 'guard' his sister until her wedding day. (And curse his sister again for refusing to go anywhere unless he dressed up like a girl or else "you would scare away all the hosts".)

"You look pretty with long hair, Oppa." She teased, opening the door for her brother.

"Shut up," Changmin hissed, purposely flipping his hair over his shoulders. His sister laughed and Changmin reluctantly followed her, sighing heavily out of frustration. He really didn't want to be here.

His sister dragged him by the arm, guiding him through the various tables until she spotted her friends' table.

Changmin rolled his eyes, realizing it was going to be a long night.
Especially when his sister and her friends all squealed the second they met, babbling about how excited they were to choose a host. His sister immediately sat down, dragging Changmin down to sit next to her.

"Which guys do you like so far?" Minja asked, grabbing a menu for herself and her brother.

Changmin rolled his eyes when he noticed the menu had pictures of men, describing their personality and other information. "This is complete nonsense..." He muttered under his breath, immediately closing the menu with a frown.

"I feel like maybe we should get a bad boy," His sister giggled, pointing at a picture of a particular guy.

"A bad boy?" Changmin reirretated in disbelief. "I don't think so!"

"It's my party. I can pick whoever I want," His sister snickered, completely ignoring his protests as she browsed through the book.

"Let's get a flower boy, they are always so handsome to stare at!"

"How about we get two hosts and pick between the two?"

"A flower boy is too boring! Let's get a flirty guy instead!"

Changmin sighed listening to his sister and his friends try to pick between the boys. He stopped listening when the appetizers arrived, thankful that at least one of Minja's friends was smart enough to order some food.

He glanced disinterestedly around the restaurant, mildly disturbed at how many women were here. He had heard of host clubs before, but he never thought they were this popular. He really didn't understand why though. What was so great about flirting with men for a few hours over dinner?

Changmin rolled his eyes, frowning in mild irritation (because wearing a bra is uncomfortable) until his sister was smart enough to wave down a waiter and order plenty of food for the group. He deliberately ignored the fact that they requested for two hosts to entertain them. He also ignored the fact that most of the women started fixing their hair.

He felt rather than saw his sister grab his arm, tugging him closer. Changmin leaned close enough for her to whisper, his attention no longer focused on his food.

"Oppa, stop scowling. I know you are uncomfortable but at least try to look like you are having fun." She whispered, and Changmin's pressed his lips together to prevent another scowl.

"You want me to stop scowling and have fun?" Changmin whispered incredulously. "I'll only have 'fun' if you keep ordering food and drinks. Other than that, do not involve me in this weird host thing."

His sister pursed her lips, not amused with his response but conceded with a small nod. She slowly moved away from him, turning her attention back to her friends. Changmin subconsciously adjusted his fake hair, not used to the long length. He shifted in his gaze to watching people, alternating between reaching for an sushi roll and snickering at how unfortunate some of the host looked.

"Excuse me, Miss."

Changmin's eyes widened, startled at how eerily close the smooth voice was to his ear. He immediately snapped his head to his right, surprised by a slender man holding a napkin near his face.

"You dropped your napkin." He smiled politely, almond-shaped eyes staring curiously at him.

Changmin stared at him, the surprise leaving him speechless as a thousand thoughts collided into a chaotic mess that left him unable to utter any word other than: "What?"

Changmin hadn't even disguised his voice and at his mistake, he immediately bite the inside of his cheek.

"This is your napkin, right?" The man asked, tilting his head a little bit uncertainty.

Changmin nodded sheepishly, quickly snatching the napkin back and looking away. He heard a snicker but he dutifully ignored it, trying to figure out why he felt so flustered. He figured it was because he was called a girl, since he really wasn't all that prepared to act like one.

"Good Evening, Ladies," The man addressed the table this time, flashing them another blinding smile. 
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