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The Ceramist's Hands

Part of the Lust & Love Me Series.

[Are you okay?]
The Ceramist's Hands
Historic AU.

Warm, course hands trace the curve of his spine, as he arches at the purposely-slow caress. He moans continuously despite the dryness of his throat, or the lack of breath, as his body burns pleasantly under each caress, callous fingers tracing every dip and every curve of his figure as if he was delicate, like porcelain. The constant pressure between his hips makes him shiver and his toes curl, as the thrusts get deeper and deeper, the rhythm matching the beat of his heart.

The man above him traces his jaw with his lips, making long licks down his neck. He mewls when the man finds his weakness –the sensitive spot below his ear– and the man moves quicker at the new sounds spilling from his swollen lips. Rough hands slide down his chest, his waist, grasping his hips with a grip hard enough to leave imprints. He clings onto the man’s back, thin hands trying to hold onto something, because he feels like he’s teetering on the edge of reality and he doesn’t want to fall alone.

The slickness of their bodies moving together, the warm friction, the fervent touches build up into something blinding, that pushes him over the edge as his heart bursts, and he gasps at the sudden release of it all.

A slow, pleasant tingle washes over his slender body and suddenly, he can breathe again, basking in the warm glow left afterwards. His eyes shine while he caresses the sweaty face of his lover, whose eyes shine just as brightly, matching his loving stare, as he makes no move to separate them.

“Are you okay?” He asks, his voice still husky, deep yet crystal clear in the stillness of the night.

Ryeowook nods, trying to regain his breath. “I…I am, are you?”

Changmin chuckles under his breathe, leaning forward to kiss Ryeowook’s temple before nuzzling his face in his lover’s neck.  “I’m fine. Absolutely, perfectly fine. Now that you’re here with me.”

Ryeowook’s giggles echo in the quiet room before Changmin captures his lips, determined to make the most of their night.

Because they only have until sunrise.
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