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Pillow Feathers.

Part of the Stealing Kisses. Series.
a series of short stories and drabbles, all pertaining to Changwook.

[You won't hurt me.]
Pillow Feathers. Vampire AU. (Sequel to Pure Seduction.)

Ryeowook’s giggles are silenced by feverish kisses, full lips nipping at his pouty ones. Silk sheets cling loosely to his naked body, pooling around his hips just enough to entice his human lover some more. 

“You should always be naked.” Changmin mumbles between kisses, “Never put clothes on.”

Ryeowook chuckles breathlessly, pulling back to admire the only person he has ever loved in the past six hundred years of his existence. He smiles brightly at his lover’s messy auburn hair, a little damp with sweat from the last two rounds of sex. Changmin’s cheeks were a little flushed too.

Ryeowook reaches out to pluck a pillow feather out of Changmin’s hair, tossing it somewhere on the bed with the others. (He tore up a few pillows, trying to not to hurt his lover – Changmin’s back already has too many scars; claw and bite marks that sunk too deep into his skin.)

Changmin stares down at Ryeowook, his lover’s hypnotizing eyes staring back at him so full of love – it gives him the passion to kiss those alluring lips over and over again. And Changmin thinks, for a brief second, that he could make love to Ryeowook forever.

He kisses Ryeowook hard on the lips, tongue gliding across the seam of his lips for entrance. Ryeowook barely has time to react before he feels a slick tongue gliding against his own, and he hums appreciatively at the feeling, which only makes Changmin kiss him harder. Changmin pushes aside the silk sheets, tossing them hastily to the floor.

Ryeowook’s hand slides up his lover’s back to comb through messy hair, tugging harshly on the strands because he knows it makes Changmin moan – and Changmin does. Changmin’s lips glide across Ryeowook’s jawline, alternating between nipping and sucking. He smirks when he hears Ryeowook’s beautiful moans directly into his ear, especially when he starts grinding against him.

Ryeowook’s eyes turn crimson, lost in the haze of lust.

“Ah…Changmin…” He tries to warn, until he feels a warm hand caress his abdomen, lightly tracing the contours of his muscles.

“It’s okay, love,” Changmin hushes him with a kiss, “You won’t hurt me.”

And down his hand goes…
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