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Gone Away.

Changmin and Ryeowook's relationship gets tested as Changmin has to spend 2 weeks in Japan.
A drabble series. Pure Fluff.

Day 1. Departure.

[You guys are worse than a married couple.]
Changmin squeezed Ryeowook's hand, trying to dispel his boyfriend's restless nervousness. His lips quirked into a small smile when he felt the older man squeeze back, a little too tight but Changmin didn't mind. Instead, he gently slid his fingers across Ryeowook's palm before absentmindedly playing with his thin fingers.

Ryeowook pursued his lips, staring at the display board of departing flights times and statuses. His gaze remained locked on the flight to Tokyo, noting that it was scheduled to leave in a hour.

"Do you really have to go?" Ryeowook finally tore his gaze away to peer up at Changmin.

Changmin nodded, lacing their fingers together. He chuckled under his breath when he noticed Ryeowook pouting beside him. "I'll only be gone for two weeks. You act like I'm leaving you for two months!"

"You practically are since you are going to Japan to play around with Yunho and Minho!"

"We are not playing, we are going there to-"

"To study Japanese culture by touring around the country and practice the language." Ryeowook finished his sentence, having heard it some many times when Changmin first announced his trip. He suddenly wished he was taking Japanese class instead of Chinese, like Changmin had originally wanted him too. Now he really regreted, seeing as Chinese was completely difficult and his professor doesn't plan to travel anytime soon. "I know. I'm just going to-"

"Miss me?" Changmin's lips quirked into a cheeky grin, loving the way blush slowly formed on Ryeowook's high cheekbones. He tugged Ryeowook into a hug, feeling the shorter man's resistance in his stance. He wrapped his arms around his thin waist, smugly smirking down at him.

Ryeowook narrowed his eyes, already sensing the teasing about to begin.

"How much are you going to miss me?" He held him tighter, purposely squeezing his waist. "You're going to miss me so much! You can't cry when I'm gone, okay?" He reached to pinch Ryeowook's cheek but Ryeowook slapped his hand away.

"I won't, you ass." Ryeowook said, despite hugging Changmin right back. He knows he's going to miss this - Changmin's lean body pressed against his own, being wrapped around those arms that made him feel so secure. "I certainly won't miss your annoying teasing."

Changmin chuckled under his breath, before pressing a soft kiss on Ryeowook's forehead. "When I come back, I'll tease you ten times more to make up for all the days I was gone."

"You better not or I'm letting you sleep on the couch."

Changmin chuckled, leaning back to stare at his boyfriend's face; at the almond brown eyes that stare so loving at him (most of the time) and the pouty pink lips that he could kiss all day long. He pressed a kiss against Ryeowook's nose then cheek and then his lips, gently moving his lips against Ryeowook's. He pulled away slowly, his lips brushing against his lover's.

"I'm going to miss you, Ryeowook." He mumbled, watching the way Ryeowook's eyes fluttered open.

"I'll miss you too-"

"Yah! Changmin-hyung! Stop making out with your boyfriend and let's go!" Minho shouted, grinning widely since he startled the couple. Changmin glared at his friend, reluctantly separating from Ryeowook and reaching for his luggage.

"I got to go." Changmin sighed, grabbing Ryeowook's hand and squeezing it one last time.

Ryeowook smiled, feeling rather bittersweet about it. He wasn't happy that Changmin was leaving him, but he did want his boyfriend to have fun. "Okay. Have fun on your trip. Don't forget to text me when you arrive safely."

Changmin nodded, releasing Ryeowook's hand and slowly walking towards his Japanese language class. "I'll see you soon, okay?"

Minho rolled his eyes, no longer able to stand it. He grabbed Changmin by his elbow and dragged him towards the luggage check-in desk. "Seriously, hyung? You guys are worse than a married couple!"

Day 2. I Miss You Already

[Youre so lovesick, its gross.]
Ryeowook spun around on his office chair, too tired to continue writing his latest proposal for the magazine. He wasn't in the mood to do much ever since Changmin left him. The day Changmin left, he went back home and binge watched his favorite drama until he fell asleep on the sofa. He had never noticed it until yesterday, but the apartment was awfully quiet without Changmin playing video games. He didn't really how quiet it is. It was too quiet for him.

He sighed heavily, slowly rolling his chair back towards his desk.

"Hey Ryeowook. Whoa- you look like shit, Wook."

"Thanks Donghae-hyung." Ryeowook muttered dryly, turning around to spot his co-worker leaning against his cubicle. "What do you need?"

"Sorry. I didn't mean to. It's just you always look good but today, well," Donghae winced, stepping closer to Ryeowook. "What happened to you? Are you not feeling well?"


"It's because he misses his precious boyfriend," Kangin chimed in from the next cubicle. Ryeowook rolled his eyes, remembering that living in an office filled cubicles basically meant having zero to no privacy.

"Changminnie? Missing?" Donghae furrowed his eyebrows, completely confused as Kangin stood up to join their conversation.

"Changmin went on a trip to Japan for two weeks." Ryeowook clarified, "He's only been gone for only a day, so I don't miss him."

Kangin snickered, "Please. You spent the entire day sighing. I even bet you were thinking about him just now."

Ryeowook fought back his flush, flustered for being caught so quickly and sat up to lightly slap Kangin's arm. He pouted, hoping to dispel his current embarrassment as his hyungS chuckled at him.

"You're so lovesick, it's gross," Kangin teased with a cheeky grin, while moved to affectionately ruffle Ryeowook's hair.

"I think it's cute." Donghae grinned, watching his dongsaeng's face turn redder and redder.

"Ugh, I feel so lame." Ryeowook mumbled in defeat, pressing his hands against his warm cheeks. "It hasn't even been a full day and I'm probably the only one missing him already."


Ryeowook glared at Kangin, wishing he could slap his Hyung in the face.

Day 3. Mixed Messages & Mild Annoyances.

[Are you drunk?]
Ryeowook slurped at his ramen noodles, completely engrossed with watching his latest drama. He refused to look away from the screen for a second, unless it was commercials. It was during a particular commercial that Ryeowook heard his phone buzz, and his lips instantly curling into a wide smile upon seeing Changmin's name.

"Hello?" Ryeowook answered the phone, unable to stop smiling. Although, he should be mad - he wanted to be mad because Changmin didn't call him at all yesterday. Instead, all he got was a short text message saying 'Good Night Shortie ㅋㅋㅋ' which left Ryeowook more angry than happy to even receive a message from him.

"Moshi Moshi~"

"Moshi? What does that mean?" Ryeowook mumbled into the phone, reaching for the TV remote to lower the volume.

"It means hello when you're answering the phone," Changmin chuckled. "Why? Did you think I was cursing you out?"


"Wah, how could you even think I would curse out my own boyfriend?!" Ryeowook snorted as he listened to Changmin's overly-dramatic response.

"Because you love teasing me," Ryeowook replied, feeling a little resentful as he remembered the last message Changmin sent him. "Like making fun of my height."

Ryeowook could practically hear Changmin's grin. "Your reactions are hilarious, Ryeowookie."

"I'm so glad I could amuse you." Ryeowook muttered, lips unconsciously pursing into a pout. He listened to Changmin cackling hysterically over the phone, and Ryeowook couldn't help but quirk a brow in confusion at just how long his boyfriend laughed. "Are you drunk?"

"Ha ha what? Not really, I'm a little tipsy though. I drank some sake with Yunho," Changmin mumbled into the phone, "It was really good sake. You should try some, I'll bring one and we can drink it together."

Ryeowook pursed his lips, not believing him for a second, "I'll pass."

"You don't believe me, do you?"

His lips unconsciously broke out into a pleased smile as he could pictured Changmin narrowing his eyes at him, pouting at him. "Maybe."

"You're so cruel. Why do I have such a cold boyfriend?"

"Because you tease me so much. The only way to punish you right now is to be unaffectionate."

"Is that so? You know you can punish me over ways like tying me to-"

"-Gross! No one wants to hear about your sexual kinks, Changmin!" Minho shouted in the background and although his voice was slightly faint, Ryeowook could still hear everything. He couldn't help but laugh in a mixture of sheer embarrassment (becuase Minho does not need to imagine what they do in the bedroom) and surprise (that Changmin had the audacity to say it in front of his best friend).

"Aish, Minho - you eavesdropper!"

"Then stop talking dirty with your boyfriend as soon as Yunho and I leave the room!"

"I thought you left the room with Yunho. I didn't know you went to the bathroom!"

Ryeowook chuckled, listening to Changmin and Minho argue back and forth about privacy and other ridiculous roommate rules they created. The fight didn't settle until Ryeowook heard Yunho's faint voice shouting at them to "quit being children and go to bed already" or else they'll miss the bus to Shinjuku.

"Wookie, sorry but I got to go." Changmin sighed, clearly frustrated at his rooming situation. "I'll call you tomorrow."

"Okay," Ryeowook mumbled, a bit disapointed at their conversation cut short. "Don't forget to take pictures of Shinjuku for me."

"I will." Changmin hummed, "Good Night."

"Good Night?" Ryeowook reiterated in surprise at the uncreative farewell. They always used different ncknames to say good-bye. "What happened to saying 'Good Night Oryeo~' huh"

Ryeowook listened to Changmin's contemplative silence, wondering what's wrong until he realized it. He snickered into the phone, finally understanding Changmin's train of thought. "Yes, say it in front of your friends. Or else I throw away two of your favorite video games."

Changmin groaned, "Do I have to? They already make fun of me for so many other things we do."

"I don't care. I want to hear it," Ryeowook grin cheekily and he had a feeling Changmin knew he was too. "And please put all your aegyo into it."

"Fine," He begrudgingly grumbled into the phone. "Good Night Oryeo~"

"-What the hell was that? Did you just use aegyo-"

Ryeowook cackled at the loud shouts of protests and teasing followed after Changmin's good-bye. Changmin hung up before Ryeowook could listen to more but he was satisfied that to know that Yunho and Minho would be teasing him for the next two weeks about it. It was the perfect revenge for calling him short.

Day 4. Thinking of You

[I miss you.]
Changmin stared at the keychain of a cute cartoon rabbit dressed as a chef, his gaze critically looking over the cute grin etched on the cartoon before picking it up. His lips were pressed into a straight line as he tried hard to think whether his boyfriend would actually like the gift. What he thought was cute, wasn't necessarily cute to Ryeowook and he had learned that rule immediately after Ryeowook declared giraffes to be 'cute' animals.

"What are you looking at?"

Changmin looked over his shoulder to find Yunho walking towards him, arching a brow when he noticed what Changmin was holding. "Ah, I'm trying to find a good souvenir for Ryeowook but I can't seem to find anything."

"I don't think getting him a keychain is a good idea, since keychains aren't exactly the most exciting souvenir present." Yunho pointed out, and Changmin couldn't help but concede with a nod, putting back the keychain. "You should get him something he'll use but also expresses the culture of that city."

"I know," Changmin sighed, walking down the aisle to check out the other trickets. "It's just a lot harder than it looks. I wish he was here so he could just pick out whatever he wants..." He grumbled under his breath, frustrated that he hadn't find anything yet.

Yunho smiled, patting Changmin's shoulder out of comfort. "Aw, does Changdol miss his boyfriend?"

"What? No!" Changmin scowled, shrugging off Yunho's hand from his shoulder. "We've only been separated for four days, Hyung."

"So? You can miss someone after not seeing them for a day."

"We are not that kind of couple that are ridiculously dependent on each other either," Changmin hastily added, making his way over to the next aisle and Yunho leisurely followed him.

"And you two don't have to be, in order to miss each other," Yunho countered, calmly browsing over the decorative plates. "You could simply miss him because he can't immediately be by your side, at the moment."

"I don't miss him." Changmin persisted with a scowl.

"Oh really? Then why did you call him last night?"

"Because if I don't contact him once a day, Ryeowook will nag me about it for the next four months." Changmin rolled his eyes, feeling that fact was obvious enough since Yunho has witnessed a few of their fights.

"If that's true, then why didn't you just message him like you have for the past two days? Why did you call him?"

Changmin stopped searching for a souvenir to glare at his Hyung, "And why does it matter if I call him or text him?"

"Because it means you missed him, Changmin. You wanted to hear his voice so you called him last night, right?" Yunho snickered, enjoying the complete look of shock on his snarky dongsaeng's face. "You should've seen the grin on your face last night. The entire time you were talking to him, you looked like some lovestruck idiot."

Changmin pressed his lips together, feeling heat rise out of pure embarrassment. "...Am I really that obvious?"

"To Minho and I, yes you are. I'm not sure about Ryeowook though, since he hasn't known you as long as I have." Yunho shrugged, "I think you should tell him though. I'm sure he misses you as much as you miss him."

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